All the best laid plans…

Are you one for making plans? Setting goals and timelines and schedules? The start of a new year – and a new decade –  feels an appropriate time to do this.

If like me, you spent time over the holidays looking forward to the year ahead and making plans and setting goals (or maybe New Years Resolutions are your thing), then this blog post – and the video below – are a reminder that the best laid plans are just that – plans

Plans are our way of trying to predict and control the future, and thus create a sense of security for ourselves.

But in reality, we can’t predict the future and neither can we control external factors, or in other words: what “Life” throws at us. So the video talks about letting go of control and learning to accept – and get comfortable – with uncertainty.

Because all the best-laid plans mean nothing when Life decides it wants to test you… 

We can’t control everything

Plans and goals and objectives and resolutions are all well and good, but we can’t predict or control everything that comes our way. It doesn’t work like that!

Just when we think we’ve got things under control, and know what we’re doing and where we’re going, Life just loves to throw us a curveball.

I received news yesterday about a member of my “adopted” family who is rather ill in hospital.  And so my friend Dave & I are jumping in a car and driving from England over to the Netherlands to be by her bedside and provide support to her and her son.


Looking after what matters

While the news Dave & I received is not good, I take great heart from the fact that I work for myself and have the freedom & flexibility to drop everything and travel to another country at the drop of a hat.

I don’t need to ask permission to disappear for an undefined period of time, apply for compassionate leave or pretend I’m “working from home” for a while.

As long as I pack my laptop & phone, I can continue to dip in and keep an eye on my business in a spare moment, because it doesn’t matter where I am in the world as long as I have an internet connection (and I know that’s certainly not a problem in the Netherlands).

And because my business is largely automated, it will continue running while I’m sitting by a hospital bedside.

I made the decision to become a digital entrepreneur so that I could prioritise the things in life that are important to me – my freedom, my independence and being there for the people I care about. And today is one of many days where I am very grateful I made that decision.

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