These personal ramblings about Courage were inspired by a quote (pictured above) from my lunchtime read, Paulo Coelho’s “Manual of The Warrior of Light” 📖

People tell me I’m courageous

“Oh Caroline, you’re so brave. I couldn’t do what you’ve done!” is a phrase I have heard many times over the years.

Maybe it’s because of all the things I’ve seen and done in my life…

… the countries I’ve visited; the people from all cultures & backgrounds I’ve met and worked with; the stories I share from the many “experiences” I‘ve had, both good and bad, scary and exciting!

Or perhaps it’s because of the number of times I’ve pushed my boundaries and stepped outside my comfort zone, in order to have those experiences.

💛 Yes, I guess it took courage to change jobs every 2-4 years. To start afresh in a new company, learn a new job, embrace different company cultures and have to prove myself over and over again.

💛 I guess it took courage to move to new parts of the country – from Surrey to York, London, Southampton, Berkshire & Gloucestershire. Each time establishing a new life, new hobbies, new friends.

💛 Yes, for sure it took courage to face my friends & family and say “no thanks, I don’t ever want to go back to that life again” when I lost my “safe, secure” 9-5 job because the company I worked for was struggling financially.

💛 It certainly took courage to undergo a complete career – and lifestyle – change, to start over as a Cruise Ship photographer. To step onto my first ship knowing I would be away from home for 6 months, sharing a small cabin with a stranger, starting at the bottom of the ladder in a job I had no qualifications, training or experience in, equipped with just two suitcases and a smile… and a quiet determination to follow my heart and prove my doubters wrong.

💛 It definitely took courage to pick myself up when my world spun on its axis, following the deaths of two of my closest friends within 6 weeks of each other. When I wondered how I would ever be able to find anyone or anything to replace the massive gaping hole in my life that Anya & Linden used to fill.

💛 Yes, it took courage to quit my job. To leave my exciting, adventurous, outwardly “glamorous” life on the high seas and come back home, with an aching heart and a determination to find a way to refill that gaping hole and reconstruct my life – once again.

💛 It took courage to explain to family & friends – again – that no, I was not going to get a job, or go back to my “safe” old life. That I was going to find a way to create the lifestyle I dreamed of… one where I answered to no-one, set my own timetable, and could work from anywhere.

💛 Then it took courage to accept I couldn’t do it alone. That, although I felt I had the tools, intelligence & determination to figure stuff out (what can’t you learn on the Internet these days?), I didn’t have the business skills, the strength of character or support network to make it on my own.

💛 It took lots of courage to invest my heart & soul into a business & mindset training program, in order to start my own business from scratch. A program where I would be able to gain the business skills, develop the mental mettle and learn from people who had already succeeded in building the kind of lifestyles & businesses I wanted.

💛 And it takes courage, every day, to show up for myself and for those I serve and to keep taking steps towards building the life of my dreams. To keep acquiring new skills, keep growing, keep overcoming obstacles, keep facing my demons.

😈 Even when it would be “easy” to give in to my doubts and fears.

😈 Even when society keeps trying to drag me back into the “safe” known world of ‘getting a job’.

😈 Even when it’s tempting to deviate, take short cuts or look to another training program or online course or coach to “fix” whatever problems I perceive at that time.

So yes, I guess it could be said that I’m courageous.

But I don’t see myself as courageous

💖 I just do what that feels right for me when the time is right.

💖 I listen to my heart and follow my gut.

💖 I don’t let fear or doubt build the bars of my prison.

💖 I don’t allow my own, or other people’s limitations stop me from doing what I was called to do.

💖 I make the choices necessary to learn, to grow, to adapt, to change, to evolve. To live my life to the fullest. And to give back as much as I can.

💖 I look beyond the horizons.

💖 I know this is all part of a bigger picture.

💖 I let faith, hope & belief lead me along my path.

💖 And continue to fight the Good Fight.

So here’s to following your own path!

With much love,

Caroline ❤

How does courage show up in your life? How does fear hold you back?
Drop a comment below and share your thoughts on this topic, I’d love to get other people’s takes on this!