And I am your YouTube Junkie!

I'm a freelance YouTube marketing consultant, and also a member of the Six Figure Mentors ("SFM") digital marketing & online business community.

Since joining the SFM in May 2019, where my digital marketing journey began, I've become somewhat of a specialist in YouTube video advertising.

With a 13-year career as an IT Consultant prior to joining the SFM, where I specialised in financial reporting & data analysis (aka The Spreadsheet Queen!), I have a unique set of skills which lend themselves to the technical aspects of YouTube digital marketing.

I provide YouTube campaign management & digital marketing coaching to digital marketing agencies & online business entrepreneurs around the world

Learning digital marketing through the Six Figure Mentors online business training program, I began marketing my own SFM affiliate business on YouTube in December 2019.

Within two weeks of launching my first YouTube ad campaign, I got my first sale!

In April 2020 I started a Facebook group for new SFM members, together with four other leaders in the SFM affiliate marketing community, to help our new members learn digital marketing skills.

Co-hosting weekly Q&A webinars in the group to answer people's questions, I uncovered a passion for sharing what I'd learned and helping others overcome the technical hurdles of marketing on YouTube.

That was the best $200 I'd ever made!

I love coaching others & demystifying the tech stuff

About Caroline


My mission through YouTube Junkie is to empower YouTube marketers, by helping them track, analyse & optimise their campaigns, so they become profitable faster.

 I want to use my skills to help more people like you save time, so you can focus on the parts of your business you're good at and enjoy.

If by working together, I can help you create a profitable online business using YouTube marketing, so you can serve others and live the life of freedom & fulfilment you deserve, then I will consider our partnership a success. 







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Using my data analysis & software testing skills, I spent a large part of my time as an SFM affiliate analysing my campaigns in minute detail.

While I was struggling with any parts of my sales funnel that involved writing (writing ad scripts, landing page copy and follow-up e-mails) I was geeking out on the technical stuff!

Tracking my leads, where they were coming from, which keyword performed best, split-testing everything in sight... it's fair to say my approach was pretty scientific. Using this approach I reduced my Cost Per Lead from £11 to under £3 in a few months - for a single ad.

And then my coach pointed out, I had skills that a lot of other people were missing... 

And that's when YouTube Junkie was born

I'm passionate about helping people use technology & data-driven approaches to build online businesses with a global reach.