Hi, I’m Caroline!

Read on to find out how, after being laid off in 2015, I went on a journey of personal discovery in which I discovered my passions, followed my dreams and built a lifestyle on the pillars of freedom, adventure, inner peace and helping others.

I hope that by sharing my story, I can inspire you to find the courage to dig deep, make some big decisions and prioritise you.

So that you find out who you truly are, and live the life you were meant to live.



chocolate ice creams (AT LEAST)



chocolate ice creams (AT LEAST)


I never thought of myself as a non-conformist.  In fact the opposite is true… I have spent a significant portion of my life trying to conform; trying to fit in and be accepted. And like everything I have put my mind to, I succeeded.

But there comes a time in one’s life when one has occasion to pause, and think: why? Why am I trying to be like everyone else? What is it bringing me? Why am I behaving like a sheep and following the crowd, when deep down it feels like I’m straying further and further from the little girl inside who has a big imagination and wild dreams? When do I get to be the one lying on a beach in the Caribbean sipping cocktails… or (more likely) riding a vintage-style motorbike across the wilds of Mongolia with reckless abandon?

Perhaps that is why, when the new CEO broke the news that I had just been made redundant from a job I had invested blood, sweat, tears and four years of my life into, my reaction – once I got over the shock – was one of unabounded joy and excitement! (Along with a good dose of “Oh my gosh, I’m unemployed and I have a mortgage to pay and I’m about to go on a 2 week holiday to visit my brother in San Francisco and… what on earth am I going to do next?!”) 

That was in 2015, and marked the end of my life as corporate ‘career woman’. It took me precisely one afternoon and a few pints of beer with my now-former boss before the shock started to subside and the opportunities and possibilities started to dance tantalisingly in front of my eyes..

When do I get to be the one lying on a beach in the Caribbean sipping cocktails… or riding a vintage-style motorbike across the wilds of Mongolia with reckless abandon?

There must be another way

I took some time out and then set about looking for what I would do next.  My vague plan was to combine my passions for photography and travel and set up business as a freelance photographer, travelling the world and taking photos… but I just didn’t know where to start with setting up a company, finding clients or formulating a business plan, which would pay the bills and give me a lifestyle of freedom doing what I love.

And then I discovered the Six Figure Mentors.  An incredible company which provides an online education platform and teaches digital marketing skills to the next generation of digital entrepreneurs, with a strong focus on personal development and building the mindset necessary to survive and thrive as an entrepreneur in the ever-evolving online space.

I’d struck gold! Unlike any other course or offering that I have found ‘out there’ on the World Wide Web to this date, the message they speak resonated with me.

Choosing a digital lifestyle

Living the laptop lifestyle and generating a passive income by leveraging automated systems, and thus building an online business which gives me time, geographic and financial freedom.  Yes, that’s the dream! It means I can travel and enjoy my photography for fun, while also paying the bills.

And I’m making it my reality.

But far more than that, I have unwittingly stumbled across a large and growing community of like-minded people.  People of all ages, from all corners of the globe, whose unbelievable help and support is guiding me through the transformation necessary to transition from the ‘old’ way of doing things to new possibilities that exist in the international digital economy. 

An economy and a way of life that I have subconsciously been envisioning for years… is finally here! And oh my word, I’m loving it!


Finding freedom & fulfilment

No more trading ‘time for money’ or squeezing my life into evenings and weekends.  I now have the freedom to work when I want, from where I want – as long as I have an internet connection.

And what’s most precious to me in all this? Time.

Time to work on myself. 

Time to strip back all the layers of I should and I ought and I’m expected to to find the me that’s been hiding underneath all the expectations I, and society, have put on myself.

Time to shed the limiting beliefs that held me in a corporate career prison, and prevented me from even considering being able to earn a living as a photographer.

Time to rediscover the little girl inside me who still wants to ride a vintage motorcycle across the plains of Mongolia with reckless abandon!

But most importantly, time to connect with myself and time to just ‘be’.

It may not be seen as ‘conforming’ now, but give it a few years and I believe we will see a much larger shift in this direction as the next generations, far more socially and environmentally conscious than us, embrace the opportunities offered by the Digital Revolution.

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