Whether you're new to YouTube Paid Marketing, or are a seasoned veteran, I can help you smash your campaigns by nailing the nitty gritty tech stuff

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You're marketing on YouTube, and you've got leads & sales coming in, but now what?

Where are my sales coming from? 

Am I targeting the right people?

Which campaigns are profitable?

How can I reduce my Cost Per Lead?

If you're not sure how to answer these questions, then you're in the right place!

Freedom Through Automation

Let me help you leverage technology to automate mundane & repetitive tasks

... make the best use of Google's advertising infrastructure, by ensuring all your Google accounts are correctly linked & configured

... interpret your data and identify what's working & what's not, so you don't pour money down the drain on ineffective & unprofitable ads & campaigns

... save time by automatically converting your UTM tracking data into plain English, so you don't waste your time jumping around between dashboards to match Campaign IDs with their names

... "take the tears out of tech" by teaching you how to set up & manage this stuff yourself - it doesn't have to be scary or difficult!

Because at the end of the day, it's your business, and the more you understand about how it works the better!

I can help you...

Technology Is Your Friend... Honest!

Don't be afraid of the "tech stuff" any longer!

Because I want to empower you to grow your business, so you can impact more people with the same marketing budget while living the lifestyle you deserve

Do phrases like Google Tag Manager, UTM Tracking and Sales Conversion Actions give you the heebie jeebies?

Allow me to demystify them for you!

If you wish, I will gladly take the time to explain them to you using simple language, so you understand what they do and - more importantly - how they can help your business

What Do I Cover?

... optimise your video campaigns for sales, by automatically feeding Google's algorithms with your sales conversions using GCLID data

... set up advanced tracking so you know exactly which Campaign, Ad Group & Keyword your leads & sales came from, by passing UTM parameters from Google Ads through to AWeber

Can You Relate To This?

And free up your time to do more of what you're good at (like creating awesome ads and super-duper e-mail sequences!)

And the bonus is... automated tracking increases accuracy & completeness of data, so you can make better decisions!

Welcome to the Digital Age!

Using tools that are freely available & widely used, with little to no coding required!

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Meet Caroline!

Your YouTube Marketing Specialist and creator of YouTube Junkie and the "90 Day YouTube Affiliate Marketing Challenge"

"That is awesome! Thanks. Seeing your simple to follow list has taken a weight off my shoulders. Every night at dinner my family all have to name their “blessing of the day”. Tonight mine is “Caroline Grubb”!"

"I think you have a great way of communicating and it was a pleasure being under your tutelage"

Ben le Fleming


You've followed the basic training to advertise on YouTube, but it may as well have been in Klingon!

You just want to get started marketing, but you're thinking... 

"Did I miss anything in the setup?"

"Did I do it right?"

"I just wish someone could double-check what I've done..."

Or Perhaps This?

"Working with Caroline was amazing. I had multiple unnecessary tags firing. I called Google and they only found part of the problem. I reached out to Caroline and she went through every part of my funnel to find the problem: from my authority site through all of my Convertri pages, through my Google AdWords and my analytics and did what Google couldn’t! She fixed my problem! Thank you Caroline. 5 out of 5 ⭐️! 

Cameron O’Shea - OR, USA

Cameron O'Shea

Empowered Through Value